Wax Services for the Gent

There are all sorts of ways that Gents can deal with hair that grows from our nose, ears, and in between our eyebrows. A wax might not be on the top of your list — mostly because you’re feeling pain just reading this and thinking about the possibility — but such a service is not just the simplest way to deal with the problem, but is also the one that requires the least ongoing maintenance.

What stimulates the hair growth?

Though your own genetics will determine how much hair you’ll grow on various parts of your body, as you age, hair in the nose, ear, and eyebrows can get thicker, more coarse, and more threadlike. These hairs are stimulated by particular androgen hormones which your body can produce more of as you age. The androgen hormone we are probably most familiar with is testosterone, but the one responsible for contributing to your hair growth is dihydrotestosterone. As men are exposed more to this hormone over their lives the hair follicles in our noses and ears tend to lengthen their growing periods, hence leading to some dangling and unsightly threads.

Your body is not putting out these hormones just for fun. While nose hair can be a drag, it serves a biological purpose: a filter for allergens and dust. They are a first line of defense against all that is floating around in your daily environment.

How to trim?

There are all sorts of great tools on the market should you wish to trim manually. There are special scissors as well as trimmers (both manual and electric).

The scissors have rounded-edge blades to prevent you from stabbing that sensitive tissue inside your nose. You can cut as little or as much as you want, and they can also be used for mustache and beard trimming.

If you prefer efficiency, an electric trimmer might be preferred to a manual one, and it’s usually more comfortable, as it doesn’t have any of the pinching or yanking that can happen using a manual trimmer.

Whichever tool you use, make sure you use it on a regular schedule once you’ve found what is a good interval for you. Two weeks might be a good starting point if you aren’t sure.

Why wax?

Since hair is being pulled out by the root during a wax, this means that hair takes longer to grow back and so the maintenance is not nearly as regular as it would be if you were to manually trim. Yes, as noted above, it is painful, but only for a moment.

There are kits so that you can “try it at home,” but given that it’s a service that you can add on to any of the other regular services you might have at one of our clubs. And just as is the case with those other services, it now becomes one less thing you need to worry about. Why do it at home when you can be relaxed with your favorite drink nearby to soothe you after that hair has been pulled?

Would you consider some of our wax services on your next visit to one of our clubs? Leave a comment and we’ll give you a 35% coupon off any wax service to give it a shot. It’s just one more way we help you look and feel your best.

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  1. Let’s face it Gents (pun intended), the Ladies, your Colleagues and Customers don’t want to see it & your Boys aren’t going tell you to pluck, wax or cut that nastiness protruding from your head! I’ve made waxing a part of my monthly manscaping ritual for unsightly ear, nose and brow hair funk and you should too!

  2. I have had this done numerous times on my ears. Unfortunately, when you age you get unwanted hair in places that are unsightly. It does not hurt. But, make sure the wax is not too hot otherwise it can rally leave a bad burn which happened to me once.

  3. I have to agree with Jon on this, we won’t tell each other and the ladies don’t want to see it much less do it for you. While I haven’t used TGP wax services yet, this might be a good time for me to try them!

  4. My lady is a cosmetologist, she has been trying to convince me to use wax to get my beard lines extra sharp. How much is a service like that?

    1. Hey Nathan,

      Thank you for your comment! We recommend The Gents Place Moustache/Goatee Outline Only-
      A meticulous edge-up of your facial hair perfected with a straight razor and performed by a licensed and highly experienced professional. This service is $30 and includes a beard trim as well.

    1. Thanks Robert! It’s a great add on to any service. We look forward to serving you again soon!

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