Valentine’s Day: Make it your own

In previous years we’ve advised you on what gifts you might get (as well as a how-to guide to buying flowers) for this holiday.  We’ve also pointed out how often it is to have a date night without needing prompting from store shelves and television ads.  Inevitably many chocolates and flowers will be bought, and it will be almost impossible to get a table at some of the best spots in town come February 14th.  But perhaps that’s the opportunity beckoning to you this Valentine’s Day: creating your own tradition.

Traditions matter

While we often have long-lived and meaningful traditions tied to Thanksgiving or Christmas, many of us don’t create such rituals around a “niche” holiday as Valentine’s Day.  Indeed, often the reaction is, “Already?  Didn’t we just have Christmas and New Year’s?”  Traditions all got started at some point, so it’s never too late to start a new one.  It doesn’t need to be elaborate, just something meaningful to all involved.  Traditions don’t need reminders from television – they are things you look forward to.

Include the kids, too

While couples seem to get the attention of the advertisers, there’s no reason that the kids can’t be reminded of how much they love each other.  A beloved tradition in many American households is the sharing of what one is grateful for at Thanksgiving.  Perhaps a Valentine’s dinner could include sharing one particular story that underlines why you love your children and what they mean to you.  If you give them a bit of time to prepare, they’ll probably have some unexpected stories to share with you as well.

Consider doing something different every once in a while

Your spouse and/or children will appreciate the fact that you have deliberately planned time with them, not necessarily that that time occur on the 14th.  Consider doing something on the 13th or the 15th to underline that this is about the love you share with each other, not only showing it on a specific day.  You’ll also find it easier to get a table, if dinner is in the mix, and you’ll have made Valentine’s Day your own, instead of just being pulled along with the flow and demands of advertising, which has very little to do with your relationship and how you want to commemorate it.

What are some of the best gifts/experiences/traditions you have associated with this holiday?  Share your story to receive a free shine service at any of our clubs.

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