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Yes, we know you know how to tie a tie.  But did you know that there are different knots – for different occasions?  In this article we will give you the knowledge to up your tie game in the new year.

Easy: Four in Hand

The one that most gents are likely to know well enough to do blindfolded is the four-in-hand.  It uses the least fabric and is the easiest to do.  It’s asymmetrical (it appears to lean to one side) and is thus better for less formal occasions, like parties.  It is also well suited to a button-down or narrow collar style.

Medium: Half Windsor

This is for a medium spread collar and is a symmetric knot.  It’s best with a medium to full spread collar and is better for more formal occasions than a parties like job interviews, for example.

Hard: Full Windsor

This knot was named after King Edward VIII of England, who was named the Duke of Windsor after his abdication.  He preferred a full and large tie knot, and the Windsor knot is definitely the “power” knot.  It uses the most fabric, and must only be used with a spread collar.  It’s very formal, and should be used for highly formal occasions, like weddings.  It’s not nearly as challenging as tying a bow-tie; check out a quick tutorial here.

Other things to know

As you’ve noted from the points we’ve made above, the tie knot you choose is related to collar styles, which most of us think are purely a fashion decision (do I prefer button downs or wide collars) but there’s also a relationship to your physique.  Tall and skinny men should have a smaller knot, whereas men with larger necks should tie a larger knot.  Also, if you have a wide tie, you should use a wide knot, and if you have a thinner tie you should use a thin knot.  Fashion rules?  No.  Just looks better.

As men we are always looking to improve – and it’s often the little things that make big differences.  Change up your knots in the coming new year and see how it tweaks your look.  Those around you will notice.

What kind of knot do you prefer and why?  Tell us in the comments below to receive a 20% coupon to use in our retail locations.

Our featured picture for this article is of the original Bond, Sean Connery, sporting a full Windsor.  That might inspire you to up your tie game.

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  1. I’m a full windsor guy because it’s the most symmetrical and can be used to beef up a tie without much fabric and most of my collars spread.

    1. I have used the four in hand forever, simply because of its simplicity. I really like a half Windsor, I just can never seem to get the knack for putting it together. Youtube is a wonderful thing, though. I will get it down eventually.

  2. Although I really like a half Windsor, I just can’t seem to get the knack for putting one together and always revert to a four in hand. Youtube is a great teacher though. Maybe I’ll get it one of these days.

  3. Thanks for the tie game! A tie is a mark of professionalism, education and it is good to wear for a business person.

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