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When we think of organs we tend to think of hearts, or livers, or stomachs.  These creations of genius and wonder help us regulate our bodies and keep us alive.  But the one in plain sight that we often forget is an organ is our skin.  In fact, skin is technically the largest organ of our body, and we need to take care of it, and that starts with a short routine as part of your day.  You’ll note we’ve made the case for other routines in your day – shaving and morning pages, for example – but if “time” is the first objection that comes to your mind, ask yourself if there’s really anything more important than taking care of your body so it can take care of you and all those who love and depend upon you.

Two Steps

This doesn’t have to take very long and can be done after you have shaved, as it has the extra benefit of cleaning off any remaining residue from your shaving cream/butter.  Find a good facial wash (do not opt for a general “body wash”) and lather up and wash, using lukewarm, not hot, water.  For a final rinse use slightly cooler, but not cold, water.  When you’re done with the facial wash, you should follow up with a good quality moisturizer – this helps renew the film that protects your skin’s surface.

Once a week, follow up with an exfoliant, to help clean away the dead skin and remove any build up and grime.  As men we sometimes tend to overdo it on the pressure.  Think of rubbing the exfoliant onto the surface of a balloon and not wanting to pop it.  That’s the appropriate level of pressure.

Beyond the Routine

Additionally, there are the regular life habits that will support your new twice-daily routine.  This might sound like “blah blah blah” but sometimes we need to hear it from multiple outlets in multiple ways to accept it.

  • Keep hydrated.  Skin needs moisture from the inside as well.  This doesn’t just mean drinking water, but also watching how much alcohol and caffeine you consume, as they can dehydrate you.
  • Watch your sugar intake.  High sugar diets can lead to inflammation and possibly breakouts.
  • Get your sleep.  Giving your body time to rest and repair means fewer wrinkles and breakouts.  Remember, your body would prefer consistency in sleep rather than you trying to “batch” it on the weekends.
  • Don’t smoke too much.  We love a good cigar or pipe as much as the next gent, but remember that any smoking decreases circulation and collagen production, which can affect your complexion and skin tone.

Extra Credit

In generations past, we may not have accepted the idea of a gent occasionally using a facial mask or getting a facial, but they can help further reinforce the positive effects we’ve discussed above.  Indeed, if you follow the routines we’ve suggested, you’re already going to have a better looking and feeling face that not only you’ll enjoy, but others will notice and appreciate.

Do you have a favorite men’s skincare product that you use and can recommend?  While we don’t offer facial services at this time, we do have ear/nose waxing, eyebrow waxing, and back waxing, and you can receive 25% off any of these services by leaving your recommendation (or simply a comment) below.

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  1. Hi Ben, thanks for the post! I particularly like your suggested skin care routine. Also, I normally use beard oil after all of your mentioned steps to prevent beard ruff.

    What tips would you advise for beard care?

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