Proactive Gratitude

One of the elements of our success here at The Gents Place is our values.  These values help to define us not just in the workplace, but even after hours in our personal relationships.  One of these values, “Be Grateful” is one that resonates with almost everyone, but it can also be the easiest to slip by the wayside.  Here are three simple ways to cultivate more mindfulness of gratitude in your life.

Surprise and Delight

We live in an electronic and digital world, which gives “old-fashioned” handwritten notes a particularly special quality.  Whether at work or at home, we so often fall into routines in which we fail to say thank you, not just for the predictable ways in which or coworkers, spouses, or children positively affect our lives, but for all those special and unique ways that they bring smiles to our faces.  You have your own style, so you might not opt for a formal thank you note, but perhaps a post-it (or multiple post-its, over a period of time) in a location where you know the person will see it.  Depending on the love language of who you’re expressing gratitude to, perhaps a small gift or an act of service would be more fitting.  Whatever it might be, don’t put it off.  Make a list of those who are most important to you and make it a mission to thank them – soon, in whatever way you choose.

A Gratitude Journal

Now, some of you may not be in the practice of doing any kind of journaling, so don’t worry about having to buy some fancy leather-bound notebook.  This could be something as simple as a digital note in your phone.  It also doesn’t need to be daily – but it should be regular (1-3 times a week) to be effective.  Pick a time period – perhaps two weeks – and whenever you can, try to note something you’re grateful for.  If you find that you’re picking some of the same things or people, try to explore a different aspect each time you write about them.  While it seems obvious that writing about things you are grateful for necessarily puts you in a better frame of mind, if you’re skeptical, there’s plenty of studies out there to back up such a claim.  Take a few moments over a period of time to note what you’re grateful for.  You’ll be astonished at how much we take for granted in the first world.

Ask others

Many American families will go around the table at Thanksgiving to ask what everyone is grateful for, and it’s often a moving and happy tradition everyone looks forward to.  But why should it only be once a year?  Why not ask everyone the next time you get drinks with friends, or have people over for a dinner party, or even occasionally with your family?  By asking this unusual question you’ll have unexpected doors opened into the lives of those around you, and give you not just a chance to celebrate a win with them, but to get to know them better too.

So, as a friendly nudge, we’ll incentivize you to get started.  Share one thing you’re grateful for in the comments below to receive a coupon for 30% off any of our shave services. 

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  1. Hey Ben, great post!
    I’ve thought about this often as I try to teach my children about gratitude. There are of course many things to be grateful for in our lives, but to pick one thing specifically that I am grateful for I would say it is my grandparents who raised me and instilled in me the values and beliefs that make me who I am today.
    On a lighter note, I’m very grateful I was able to get in for an upkeep at the Frico location today when I picked up my shoes, the staff there is always amazing!

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