A Gent’s Guide to the Dress Shirt

Today we have a guest post from Henri of MU Shirts.

Many men like to play it safe and go for plain white or plain blue shirts for most occasions. Remember Harrison Ford and his eternal plain blue shirts on consecutive premieres? At least we hope there was more than one. Follow this short guide to venture away from the safe path.

Pink Shirts

Yes, why not? A pink shirt can suit a guy very well and he doesn’t have to feel emasculated. If you are wearing a suit, a pinstripe black or grey suit with a pink plain shirt will work wonders on you. Of course, when we are talking about pink, we are talking about a muted tone. Try to avoid bright pink, at least for work.

Choosing the Event

Really, this part should come first, but we wanted to wake you up with the suggestion of pink. Choosing the right men’s shirt means first deciding when you’ll be wearing it. There are two main types of events: work and going out. (We’ll ignore formal events, weddings and the like as they often require special shirts with accessories like bow ties and wing-tip collars.) For work, a more conservative approach can be wise but for a night on the town, you can kick it up a notch.

Patterns and Colors

So for work, playing it safe with plain white or plain blue is not a bad thing. But if you can get away with it, why not consider shirts with patterns? Something like checked shirts perhaps? Stripes are the most popular type of pattern and the variety that comes with them makes you go dizzy. Do you want wide or narrow stripes? Or both? Dual colours, two-tone colour stripes or more? A simple blue and white striped shirt is great for work as is a white shirt with narrow dark stripes. The rule is, the more discreet the stripes, the more formal it looks.

This leads us to dressing up for going out. This is where you can let your hair down and dress up more vividly while still looking terrifically smart. Going out to a plush restaurant?  How about a black shirt? Need a tie to go with it? How about a plain red one for maximum contrast? Vivid purple colours look great too. This is where striped shirts are their best, too. With their great variety of colours, you are sure to find one that suits the occasion, appeals to you, and hopefully appeals to your date too.

So you can dress up conservatively for work and more boldly in the evening while still breaking out of the mould and adding some variety and colours to your outfit. Don’t forget that you have to work on your figure too. Here are some resources if you want to keep fit and build muscle mass.

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