Five unique restaurants to try

Man TravelLooking for someplace a little more unique to eat tonight (or perhaps on your next vacation)? Check out these unusual restaurants around the world…

Opaque, USA. At Opaque you enjoy a meal in complete darkness served by blind or visually impaired wait staff. There are several locations in California with more being planned around the country.

Aescher, Switzerland. This restaurant is built into the side of a mountain in the Swiss Alps. Getting there isn’t easy – you have to take a cable car from the town of Wasserauen, but the views are incredible.

The Dining Pod. Perched on a cliff on Koh Kood Island in Thailand, this restaurant isn’t for the faint of heart. Drinks are served while you look on the rainforest and sea below. When it’s time to eat you and three other diners are hoisted 16 feet in the air in your dining pod.

Lumi Linna Castle, Finland. This castle is reconstructed every year – it’s made out of ice! The restaurant is kept at about -5 degrees Celsius, so make sure you bring your gloves and cap.

Ithaa, Maldives. The first all-glass undersea restaurant in the world is found offshore from the Conrad Maldive Rangali Island. At 16 feet below sea level it offers 180-degree views of reef and marine life.


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