Changing perspectives on men’s body hair

In the realm of beautification; perfume, skin-care, make-up and fashion, it is women that have traditionally dominated. But that appears to be changing. Believe it or not, the men’s beauty market has posted higher growth rates over the last decade, as the men’s grooming industry in general is expected to expand and hit nearly $21 billion in 2016.

The outgrowth of all of this is the rapidly changing perceptions that women have and carry towards men and their grooming habits.

The long story short is that as women have become a lot more rigorous and demanding when it comes to their men and their grooming.

And when it comes to men and their body hair, specifically?

The common theme that seems to be appearing in general is that less is better.

According to multiple studies and statistics, a majority of women held a preference for either totally shaved or trimmed chests, stomachs, backs and pubic region.

There were still two areas that the vast majority of women had a problem seeing totally hairless; a man’s armpits and his legs.

Men, in return with these changing preferences, have not only noticed but have taken action, as witnessed by the explosion in men’s grooming product sales over the last decade.

And this is not just a hush-hush thing either, as words like manscaping and male grooming have become widespread and a part of the normal daily lexicon.

A further breakdown of these changing perceptions is listed in the following infographic by Manscipated, which is titled “How Women See Men & Body Hair.”

According to the infographic, women tend to hold a preference for less hair in their men overall.

To find out more, check out the infographic below.


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