Dress Like a Gent: Key Winter Coats

There are many jackets that will keep you warm during the colder winter months, but there are a few classic coats that are always in style, and which any Gent should own at least one or two of.  They tend to have a military heritage, but have become so ubiquitous that most people have no idea about their origins.  In this article we will explore four of these classic coats and give you some tips that will help you decide which to add to your collection.


This is a classic long coat, with narrow lapels.  It can be single or double breasted and is of a wider cut, since it’s meant to fit over a suit.  It has a tailored look and will generally come below the knee.  This tends to be for business or formal occasions.

Pea Coat

The pea coat was designed for sailors.  Its design allowed for maximum mobility while still offering protection in extreme conditions.  It will usually come to around your hips.  It is double-breasted, has a wide collar, will almost always come in navy or black, and often features anchors on the buttons in tribute to its naval heritage.  It sits very comfortably in the business casual category.

Trench Coat

The trench coat comes from its original design for army uniforms worn in the trenches in World War I.  Unlike the overcoat, it’s versatile enough to run from formal all the way to casual, though if you are wanting it for more formal purposes black or midnight blue are the best colors.  It will usually be double-breasted, run to your shins, and feature a waist belt and buckle.

Duffle Coat

The duffle coat also has naval origins.  These single-breasted coats have a signature look featuring toggles (sometimes called “walrus teeth”) that fasten into rope or leather hoops.  They were designed so that they could be fastened even with gloves on (again, extreme weather conditions were primary in the minds of the designers).  It has a slim, boxy shape and is always made of a wool blend fabric.  It will come down to your knees in length.  The duffle is very much a casual coat.

Do you own any of these coat types?  Apart from parkas, puffer jackets, and shearling coats, was there a type you would have liked to have seen us mention here?  Respond in the comments below to receive 20% off any Rascal products you purchase in any of our clubs on your next visit.

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