Do Business Cards Still Matter?

Digital devices have managed to make standalone cameras, watches, and even house keys begin to disappear.  Complementing this dematerialization caused by technology, a wave of minimalism is sweeping many developed nations that have been on decades-long buying sprees.  Unnecessary, unloved things are marked to be donated or tossed.  Are business cards still relevant in such an environment?

No Downsides

Business cards still matter for all the reasons they always have.

  • They give you a second chance to make a first impression.  However an interaction may have gone, the card re-introduces you to the person you hand it to.  It’s a way for them to remember you after you part ways.
  • It shows you to be someone who is prepared.  You’re not reaching for a cocktail napkin or just putting a name and number into a digital note (where it may never be remembered).  You’re an intentional man.
  • It’s inexpensive.  Business cards have never been very expensive and if you don’t have a relationship with a printer you can find great options online, with delivery within days.

Stand Out

Interestingly enough, business cards are perhaps more relevant in an age when paper is disappearing.  You have an opportunity to stand out among your peers who don’t have business cards or even personal calling cards.  You can always slip a few into a dedicated business card holder to incorporate into your everyday carry, or just add a few to your wallet and frequently give them out so you are constantly refreshing the stock, instead of being left with the ones to give out that look like they’ve been living with your money and credit cards for years.

Because fewer and fewer people have business cards, you have the opportunity to redraw the rules for what one “has to have.”  Are physical addresses and telephone numbers the most important thing?  Whatever your preferred way of communication might be — perhaps email — make sure that’s on the card, but you might choose to feature a quote that means a lot to you, or a high quality image which opens the door to a story you can tell.  You should probably also include at least one way to reach you on social media, so that people can get a glimpse at another aspect of who you are.

Real-life, in-person marketing still matters, and still gives you an edge in developing prospects and gaining clients.  The business card is one of the easiest ways to do that marketing.

Do you have business cards?  Why or why not?  Answer and share tips in the comments below to get a free shoe shine on your next visit to one of our clubs.

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