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July 2, 2013
Top 5 Fashion Trends for 2013

This is a guest post from Jason of D. Jones Clothiers. According to Pitti Uomo’s European fashion shows, these are the top trends we will be following and encouraging this…

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April 4, 2013
How to Look Like a Gent during Summer Weddings

This is a guest post by Adam at Mens Tungsten Online, specialist in fantastic tungsten rings. There do seem to be an awful lot of guides out there that tell…

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January 29, 2013
The Five Guidelines for Building a Gentleman’s Wardrobe

They say the clothes make the man, and while I don’t think that’s completely true, your clothes do say a lot about you and can either attract or repel people. With…

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December 27, 2012
Transitioning out of the office at the end of your day

Every night of the week, bars and restaurants fill up with guys who look like they belong in their cubicles. But the good news is you don’t have to be…

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November 15, 2012
Be Like Bond: own your own tuxedo

This is a guest post by Jackie Brown of J. Hilburn. Gentlemen…it’s time we had that talk.  Ya know, the one that you have to have now that you are…

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October 4, 2012
How To Layer For Autumn Without Looking Bulky

Cooler fall weather opens the door to a variety of clothes that have been hanging in the back of your closet all summer long. One of the hottest trends this…

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August 17, 2012
The Gent’s Guide to Shorts

Shorts first began to rise in the 1950s due to much encouragement from the trendsetters of Hollywood, California.  But shorts for everyday wear are a relatively new spectacle in our world. Before…

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July 10, 2012
How to Take Suspenders from IQ to GQ

Finally, the gentleman is reclaiming the suspenders from the nerds, the punk rockers and grandpa! It takes a little work to bring your suspenders from IQ to GQ, but trust…

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