Better Pillows for Better Sleep

Sleep is something that all humans have in common: it’s an important daily activity that so much else depends on.  Because a lack of it can affect your health and weight, it’s important to have your sleep hygiene basics in place, with some tech assists when necessary.  One of the key elements of a good night’s rest is the right pillow and we can be grateful for the fact that there seem to be more companies than ever paying attention to this and hence we are spoiled for choice.  In this article we’ll share a few that consistently get great reviews.

Start with Why

It always feels good to sink our head into a pillow at night, but why do we use pillows in the first place?  They help keep the head aligned with the neck and backbone during sleep.  By keeping the head in a neutral position you are less likely to have neck pain in the morning.

For most sleepers, then, a pillow is a must.  Some stomach sleepers, on the other hand, might find that a pillow can put stress on their lower backs, so if they use a pillow at all, it should be very flat.

Filling Pros and Cons

Pillows have filling which is made from all different types of materials, which are best suited to particular circumstances:

  • Feather and down
    • Pros: luxurious and comfortable 
    • Con: can flatten over time
  • Wool
    • Pros: hypoallergenic and breathable
    • Con: also can flatten over time
  • Memory foam
    • Pro: supportive
    • Con: can be hot to sleep on
  • Microfibre
    • Pros: lightweight and hypoallergenic
    • Con: can also be hot to sleep on

Different Sleepers, Different Pillows

When you pair these different fillings with different sleep styles, you get lots of different choices for pillows.  Here are just a sample:

Goldilocks Sleepers

For those who want a “just right” feel, the Coop Home Goods Premium Adjustable pillow is filled with memory foam and microfiber which can be removed until you find the right fit for you.  It comes with a soft and breathable cover made of bamboo-derived viscose rayon and polyester.

Hot Sleepers

If it always seems hot to you, the Nest Bedding Cool Adjustable pillow might be a good fit.  It’s got shredded gel-foam fill and fabric technology that stays cool to the touch.

Fall Asleep Anywhere Sleepers

If you’re not a difficult sleeper then the Beckham Hotel Collection Gel pillow, which is consistently referred to as “comfortable” in reviews, might be perfect for you.  It’s also priced very reasonably.  The famous MyPillow brand also is known to work well for a wide range of people.

Firm Sleepers

If you want a firm pillow to match your firm mattress, the Sealy Molded Memory Foam seems to get good reviews.

Snoring Sleepers

The 10 Minds motion pillow uses microphones and software (seriously!) to reposition your head whenever you start to snore.  

Some of these pillows even come with 100 night trials which allow you to actually try the pillow and give you the right to return it if it’s not for you.

Is there a pillow you swear by that you want others to know about?  Share with us in the comments.

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