Best Winter Boots for the Gent

Summer left us some weeks back, but with clocks changing last weekend, we know for sure that we are headed for some colder days.  You might find yourself mournfully putting away some of your favorite warm-weather kicks but may not have some winter boots that you’re equally enthusiastic about.  Life’s too short to wear shoes you don’t like, so we put together a few suggestions for you to consider as we head into winter.

Style or Function?

The boots we’ve chosen to share with you manage to offer both style and function, but some are a bit more stylish, and others have a bit more of a specialist edge to them.  All of them will keep you warm, dry, and comfortable this winter.

All Blacks

For those who are used to wearing Nike Air Max sneakers, there’s a Rhyodomo GORE-TEX boot which you can transition into for cold weather.  It has a thick rubber sole with a leather exterior and a GORE-TEX water repellent finish.  The most popular color is black, but there is a green and tan variation if you prefer.

If you want more specialized choices, also in black, you’ve got the Mt. Maddsen Hiker Boot and the White Ledge Hiking Boot, both from Timberland (though they both have other colors than black available).  The clue is in the names: they are going to serve you well out on the trail in cold, wet, and/or snowy conditions.  

Chelsea Boots

We’ve mentioned that Chelsea boots are classic enough to merit a spot among your basic shoes, but there are some beautiful winter versions from Doc Martens and Blandstone.

The Doc Martens WinterGrip Chelsea Boot comes in black or brown leather, and is fleece-lined, waterproof, and salt-resistant.  The brand is also proud of its high-performance WinterGrip sole which is a PVC/rubber hybrid for solid footing on slippery surfaces.  For those who like the signature Doc Marten finish, that’s recognizable too.

The Blundstone Thermal Chelsea, especially in its rustic brown finish, will definitely get some attention while offering some of the same features (waterproofing, insulation, lug sole) of the Doc Martens but with a twist.  Instead of flannel you’re going to find a genuine shearling (the soft wool of a lamb) footbed.  Man, it’s comfortable just reading that.

Something Different

For those looking to step out in something a little different this winter, Sorel has a Cheyanne Metro HI Boot, which boasts the “fit of a sneaker, protection of a boot” in two-toned waterproof suede.  If you want to get more adventurous but still look good while doing so, the Sorel Men’s Caribou Boot will serve you well.  It’s got a rubber bottom which makes it a breeze to deal with slushy, wet snow (without any risk of getting your feet wet), but also means it’s easy to clean when you’re done with your work.  Hopefully you won’t need it, but the boot is rated for temperatures as low as -40F!

Look and Feel Your Best

There are so many things that make up a Gent, but clothing and footwear, especially with the number of choices available these days, are one of the easier ways to sharpen up your look.  

Do you have a favorite winter boot you want to share?  Tell us about it in the comments.

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