Denim Rules for the Gent

This post features a guest appearance from our Preston Hollow neighbors, Ken’s Man’s Shop.

The jeans category is one of the hottest areas in Ken’s Man’s Shop. Every season we think it will slow down, but it continues to ratchet up another notch. Yesterday I was having a conversation with a client who says he wears denim to every occasion, and he has ridded himself of all slacks and suits. While this is working for him, it is not the best choice to make in a wardrobe. As a consultant I suggest the following simple rules of when NOT to wear denim:                                                                                  Top-10-Jeans-Trends-For-Men-2015

  • A wedding: Look at the invitation closely. In the last 20 years, I have only seen one request for jeans on an invite. (For more advice on wedding attire, reference “What to Wear to a Summer Wedding.”
  • A funeral: Suits only and show respect by donning neckwear.
  • An interview: Always dress better than expected, or if casual let them tell you. A sport coat or blazer, slack, and tucked in shirt is one option. A suit is another.
  • A five star restaurant: If you are going to spend this type of money, then look the part by dressing up. She will love you more for it.
  • New York, London, Paris, Milan, and other high-fashion hubs: Bring those slacks with you. There will be fewer locations where denim is accepted within these cities.

With that said, jeans are still an American classic, so here are a few tips for when you ARE wearing denim:

  • Don’t pair your athletic tennis shoes with your jeans
  • Socks are optional
  • Hemmed, rolled, a bit short, full break, peg legged, etc. – Any of these are options, as long as it looks great on your particular frame. If you don’t know what looks good, we will tell you (and so should she).
  • The darker the denim color, the dressier. The lighter, the more casual.
  • The more you spend on your jeans, the less you should wash them. (unless stained).
  • Speaking of no washing, if you are worried about the yuck factor of not watching, place your jeans in a freezer bag overnight to rid them of bacteria.
  • There are more colors in denim than just blue. If you wish to wear them like slacks, then stock up on more basics: black, navy, grey, charcoal, brown, camel, and so on.

In short: Have some fun and enjoy what fashion has to offer.

Kory Helfman, Haberdasher
Ken’s Man’s Shop

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