10 Ways to Up Your Swipe Game

It’s been years since we offered some ideas about how Gents date in the age of the swipe.  Since then even more people have gotten in on these apps that give seemingly limitless potential to meet someone anytime, anywhere.  That means there’s more competition for the ladies, which means that as Gents we have to do more work to stand out.  We decided to collect some of the best swiping dating app tips to share with you.

Photos That Tell a Story

Two things to keep in mind here: quality AND quantity.  Turns out that the fairer sex prefers to see more than one photo and selfies aren’t one of them.

  • Have more than one photo.  You don’t need to have a dozen, but at least three would be good.  Do better than just stealing your professional head shot (even if it’s good).
  • Include action shots.  You don’t need to show yourself doing a deadlift, but some sort of active sport/hobby is good.  Rugby > ping pong.
  • Save group photos for the end.  It’s good to show your group of friends or the way that you interact with them, but if you choose to include them, they should be at the end of your photos, not at the front.

A Profile Worth Reading

While there are plenty of women who, like men, swipe without reading profiles, you should plan for the ones that do take the time to read what you’ve taken the time to write.

  • Keep it concise.  You can say what you want to in three to four sentences.
  • Don’t have a list.  Yes, you can argue that you don’t want to “waste time,” but there’s nothing intriguing about finding out everything about anyone before you’ve even exchanged a word.  A dealbreaker might be okay to include, but try to keep it light (think: “must love wings”), or if serious, be understanding (“I’ve got kids, so if that’s a challenge for you I understand”).
  • Stay positive.  No one wants to read about your previous disasters or your opinion on the “state of womanhood” today.  Keep your words upbeat.
  • Be funny.  “I really hate when a guy makes me laugh,” said no woman ever.  Again, you’re not a Saturday Night Live writer trying to bring down the house with one line.  Just be yourself or give a bit of self-deprecating insight into you or your personality.

Bonus Features

There are some fun ways to give your profile a bit of extra shine.  Use these sparingly, if at all.

  • Fake reviews.  The “5 star Uber rating” has been overused, but a fun one we saw was: 

“This guy makes me look boring” – the Dos Equis guy

            Have a bit of fun here.

  • Walk-up song.  Spotify allows for you to have an “anthem” for your profile on Tinder.  If there’s a piece of music that really captures who you are, or is just a favorite tune you’d blast on a road trip, it might be worth highlighting.
  • Instagram connect.  Some of the swipe apps also allow you to connect your Instagram account without giving away your username (wouldn’t want those creepy bots sliding into our DMs).  This is one more way for the ladies to get to know a side of you, but it’s only useful if you actually have an Instagram account and/or are active on it.

Be Yourself

There’s so much fakery in social media these days that authenticity shines through, even in virtual interactions.  Women will appreciate the fact that you’ve taken the time to do more than upload one photo and start swiping.  Even better, this year, more people are staying at home due to lockdown orders, which might give you the chance to connect with someone who might normally have never ventured onto a dating app.  Put your best foot forward.

Do you have a preferred dating app?  Let us know about it in the comments below. 

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